Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper piercing tool

I love to paper-pierce something on just about every card I make, in case you haven't noticed! :) I've been looking for a way to paper-pierce around circles, and I read about using these plastic canvas shapes as templates on Splitcoast. They work extremely well! I found a pack of 6 at Wal-Mart for $0.99. They also had square, star and heart shapes, but I only bought the circles. I have one for each member of the Creative Consortium (you know who you are), but if you're looking for a nifty piercing tool, I highly recommend it.

Here you can see a close up view of an embellishment I used the plastic canvas to pierce. I'll post a full picture of this card later today or tomorrow.


Unknown said...

That's exactly what I'm looking for! Do you know if there's an option to buy it online somewhere?
(I live in Israel so going to wal-mart is not an option for me... LOL)

Jen Sannes said...

This is the link I found in the original info from Splitcoast. It looks like you can order them from this website. Hope this helps!