Friday, June 19, 2009

A little bit of Friday humor...

I've been super busy, getting ready for my son's birthday party and my in-laws are coming to visit for the weekend. And I finally finished Jevin's flip book last night - he will love it! I will take pictures this weekend so that I can share it with you next week.

Since I don't have a creation to share with you today, I thought I would share a laugh instead!

My wonderful friend Miguela gave this magnet to me several years ago and it still makes me chuckle when I read it. For some reason, my husband doesn't find it quite as funny... *wink*

Have a great weekend!


Stamp and Smile said...

What a hoot! So true though... :)

Have a few nibbles for me when you stop at Morey's!!! Such a YUMMY place that we pick up smoked salmon ever so often for salads and enjoy the crab dip... :) Now I'm hungry!! Hope your weekend is going well with the company, party and such!! :)

Chris Turley said...

I need this! How true for my life. TFS!!!