Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Move

All of my craft supplies are in a state of flux! We are in the middle of doing a major rearrange of our upstairs, which will be awesome when it is done, but right now, it's just one big mess. Anyway, while we are in the process of moving everything around, I'm going to have to take a short stamping and blogging break. Sorry about that, but there's not much I can do about it and I appreciate your understanding. :) I'm hoping to be back soon, with some creations from my new and improved craft room. I can't wait! Until then, happy stamping!


Doris said...

Make sure you post pictures of your redone stamp room! Have fun with it!

Patty said...

thank you for inspiring me! You have been awarded the Stylish blogger award! Please see my blog for all the details!!


Have a great day!

Roxi's Reasons... said...

Can't wait to see more inspiring cards ! Happy redo-ing stamp room !

Wendy J. said...

Jen, even though you are on the move you are an inspiration to me and I also have given you the stylish blogger award! You can see my blog for details. Hugs!